Ss – Saho to English



saabun nm soap
saaca nm hour, watch
saagan nm tamarisk(s)
(Tamarix aphylla, T. nilotica)
Saaganayti nf (city of) Segeneyti
Saaho nf Saho
saalosnan nm infibulating,
saar nm goatskin bag
saaringida nf scraps
(of ‘dagxa’)
saathic nm cold (illness)
saathicite vII to catch a cold
saaweeriye vII to soar, to glide
saaxib nm friend(s)
saayis nm politician (male)
saayisa nf politician (female)
sabab nf cause, reason,
sabace vII to hit, to beat,
to strike
sabbatah pt reason for,
the reason why
sabbuura nf 1. blackboard
2. table, plate
sabco nf hit rel to sabace,
sabre nm self-control, endurance,
patience, forbearance
saca nm herd(s), flock(s), cattle
sacal nm brother
sacla nf sister
sacuulinno nm brotherhood
sadaqha nf offering to God, sacrifice
safar nm journey, travel, trip, tour,
voyage, excursion
safare vII to journey,
to travel
safari traveller(s)
safiir nm ambassador
safrä nf hunger
safra nm measure
safriishe vII to make hungry
safriite vII to be hungry
safriiteenä nf hungry person
safriiteena nm hungry person
saga nf cow
sagab nm young buck goat
sagal num nine ~ sagal ya/masaggala
num nineth, sagala taman ninety
sahiil nm simplicity, easy
sajjaala nf tape
sakakishe vII to make yawn
sakakite vII to yawn
sakako nf yawn
sakar nm intoxication, drunkennes
sakay nm food for a journey,
packed lunch
sakna nf leprosy
sakraan nm sot, drunkard (male)
sakraana nf sot, drunkard (female)
salaam nm peace (used also as
salaam-erhxe vIV intr to greet tr s
salaamta nf greeting
salaat nm prayer
salaatha nf salad
salaaxa nf reconciliation
salaba nf scar
salada nf top layer of cream
(on milk)
Saluus nm Tuesday
sambat only in cindha sambat
(see cindha) and naba sambat
(see naba)
sam-erhxe vIV intr to descend,
to go down tr sam-ishe to lower
samta nf 1. bottom, low place,
inferior part, underneath
2. geographical depression
san nm nose ~ santi-curumto
nf nostril, santi-kafna nf annoying,
bothering, irritating , santi-kafnite
vII to annoyed, to bother, to irritate
Sancafe nm (city of) Senafe
sandali nm sandal
sanduqh nm suitcase, box, case,
sanii nm Monday
santiim nf cent
santishe vII to guide, to lead
santisheenä nf guide (female)
santisheena nm guide (male),
santishnan nm guiding, leading
sanune nm a nosebleed
sanunute vII to suffer a nosebleed
sanuqhe nm strangling
sara nm garments
saraw nm species of acacia(s)
(Acacia etbaica)
sarba nf calf, lower leg
sareena nf garment, cloth
sariida nf species of juniper(s)
‘African pencil cedar, East African
pencil cedar’ (Juniperus procera)
sariigalla nf victory
sarishe vII to dress
sarite vII to wear, to dress oneself
sarrä nf tail
sarra nm 1. back, rear 2. later time !
2. sarrah after, afterwards, later,
then, sarrat ~ sarrat-zaban nm next year
sarraximbo nf squirrel
sarroorim n last ! sarroorimille eventually
sarrowe vII to be late, to happen afterwards
sarwe nf pole(s), support(s) (for the ‘naxsa’)
saw nf women
sawale vII to twist (tr)
sawalime vII to be twisted
sawra nf revolution
sawwaag nm driver
saxdad nm catlike animal, genet
(Genetta Abyssinica)
saxe vII to churn
saxnan nm churn , churning
saxraa nf desert
saxte nm rarity, rareness! saxteeko
unusually, rarely
saxwe nm scattering, strewing
say def female, feminine (gender)
saye vII to enter
sayne nm June
saynis nm science
sayyo nf women
sazzam num thirty
sebbere n species of legume, grass pea
‘Chickling vetch, jarosse, Lathyrus
pea’ (Lathyrus sativus)
seben nf ewe which has not yet
given birth
seelan nm mat made of plant fibre
sef nm sword
sekkello nf bucket
sekkendi nf second (of time)
sele vII 1. to check, to be sure
2. to target
selel-erhxe vIV intr to float (on
the water), to soar, to glide tr selelishe
selo nm checking, assuring, assurance
shaahi nf tea
shaahid nm witness
shaama nf flag
shaaric nf street
shabath nm rubbers sandals, slippers
shahiid nm martyr (male)
shahiida nf martyr (female)
shakke nm suspicion, doubt, uncertainty
shakkite vII to suspect, to doubt
shambuqqo nf common reed
shanab nm moustache
shantha nf bag
shaqhamthe nf species of fig
tree(s) (Ficus glumosa)
shaqhatha nm business, trade
shaqhla nf anxiety, worry
shaqqaala nm worker(s)
sharak nf trap
sharcalla pt excuse me, please
sharfe nm exchange (money)
sharhbac nf type of snake
shariith nm 1. cartridge-belt
2. cassette
sharki nm shark
sharraax nm magician, wizard,

sharraaxit nf witch, sorceress
sharxe nm explanation, exposition
shaxan nm dish, plate
sheedali nf first brew of coffee
sheekhino nm holiness
sheethan nm Satan, devil, demon
shekh nm muslim priest, muslim
follower, holy person
sherneella nm zip, zip fastener
shicriya nf pasta
shigaara nf cigarette(s)
shiix num thousand ~ shiix ya
num thousandth
shiliin nf fifty cents
shimca nf candle(s)
shiqhaaqh nm toilet
shirxe nm magic, sorcery,
shokkar nm sugar
shugguth nm pistol, gun
shukran! pt thanks! thank you!
shuqhle nm work, job rel to
shaqqaala, ushtuqhule, uyshuqhule
~ shuqhli-manga nf business
shuum nm chief, boss
shuuma nf maize-cob(s)
sibbarh nm container used to
do the butter, churn
sibirh nm species of shrub(s)
(Phytolacca dodecandra)
sicret nm defeat
sidishe vII to spread out
(a carpet, a mat)
sido nm skin, mat (of
tanned leather)
sifo nm long hair of an
animal’s tail
sifra nf camp, encampment
sige vII to settle, to dwell
signan nm settling, dwelling
siica nm species of acacia(s)
‘Umbrella thorn’ (Acacia abyssinica)
siile nm picture, illustration,
photo ~ siileh-iywiddixe vI to illustrate
(with picture, etc)
siilnan nm drawing, taking picture
siiximite vII to go down the wrong
way (of food or liquid)
siiximo nf food or liquid that is
gone down to the wrong way
sik-erhxe vIV intr to be (keep)
silent, to be quiet tr sik-ishe to silence,
to hush, to quiet/quieten
sikkin nf jack-knife
sikko nf quietness, tranquillity, silence
silaalite vII to shelter (from the sun)
silaalo nf umbrella
silal nm shade, shadow
silansil nm chain
silliya nf espionage, spy
simbaace vII to tear away, to snatch,
to take by force, to requisition (goods)
simbacnan nm snatching, requisition
simbiliilico nf butterfly(-ies)
simimmic nm agreement
sin1 pos your
sin2 pr (short non-subject form) you
sina pr (long non-subject form) you
sinistira nf window
sinit nf agreement
sinne pr ref yourselves, themselves
sinni pos ref your own
sinqicite vII to hiccup, to hiccough
sinqico nf hiccup, hiccough
sinraa nm wheat
siraa nm poison (not from animals),
siraat nf kind of stick, club
siraaxe vII to build, to make
siraye nf 1. strength, difficulty
2. danger 3. seriousness
sircat nm law
sirdi nf type of grass
siriya vIII 1. to be strong, to
be hard, to be difficult
2. to be dangerous
3. to be serious ~ sirii-gilix m terror
sirre1 nm secret
sissaake nf 1. lightness, softness
2. quickness
sissika vIII 1. to be soft, to be light
2. to be fast, to be quick
sittiya pr rec each other
siyaam nm fast
siyaasa nf politics
soddom num thirty
soko nm rarity, rareness !
sokooko rarely
soldi nf money
songaaro nf baobab
(Adansonia digitata)
sonnat nm menstruation
sontoxite vII to glide, to slide,
to slip
sontoxitnan nm gliding, sliding,
Soodan nf Sudan
soogo nf 1. tendril(s) 2. phrase
sooke vII to twist (tr), to whirl,
to plait (rope)
sookeenä nf weaver (female)
sookeena nm weaver (male)
soole vII 1. to stand, to stand up
2. to get up 3. to stop
soolima nm 1. standing, standing up
2. getting up 3. stopping
soolnan nm 1. standing, standing up
2. getting up 3. stopping
Soomaliya nf Somalia
soomam nm touch, sens of touching
soonite vII to dream
soono nf dream
soonowa nf pregnant woman
soonoyinno nm pregnancy (of woman)
soonoyishe vII to make pregnant
soonoyite vII to be pregnant
sootal nm dagger
soqh nm shop area
sorha nf ignorance
sorhe vII not to know, to be ignorant of,
to be unaware of
sorheenä nf ignorant person (female)
sorheena nm ignorant person (male)
soro nf rope (to tie goods on the animals)
soxbinna nm friendship
subax nm clarified butter
subula nm sycamore fig(s) (Ficus sycomorus)
subxe nm dawn
sucto nf hiding, hiding-place
sucuse vII to hide (tr)
sucute vII to hide (intr)
sudda nf hump, hunch
suge vII to stay, to keep, to wait
sugum nm small rainy season
(in the highland)
sukat nm butter (before boiling),
butter for hair
sukuukuwe vII to accompany
smb part of the way
sulluc nm peeling(s)
sulluucuse vII to peel
suluxa nm species of tree(s)
‘Small-fruited teclea’ (Teclea nobilis)
sulxaane nf smoothness
sulxuna vIII to be smooth
summe nm poison
(not from animals), toxin
summuse vII to poison
sune nf heel
sunfa nm garden cress
sunku nf shoulder
surre nf trousers
suuf nm wool
suumute vII to be stingy
suunun nm disgust
suununute vII 1. to be bored
2. to be disgusted
suuro nf door of the stable
suwaa nm not harvested grain
suwaye vII to ripen (of cereals) (intr)
suxug nm species of acacia(s)
‘Wait-a-bit thorn’
(Acacia asak)