Cc – Saho to English



caada nf custom, tradition
caafa nm front part of the neck
caafiyat nm health
caafiyatlë nf healthy person (female)
caafiyatle nm healthy person (male)
caafiyat-le see caafiyat
caafulle nm species of acacia(s) ‘?
Egyptian thorn’, ‘?White-galled acacia,
White whistling thorn’ (?Acacia nilotica ?
Acacia seyal)
caage vII 1. to hope 2. to beg
caagu nm yellow
caaguyna vIII to be yellow
caaguynite vII to become yellow
caaj nm mother-of-pearl
caala nf canes, stalks
caalam1 nm species of plant(s)
caalam2 nf world, planet Earth ~
caalamti-fasle nf continent
caamus nm species of shrub(s) or
small tree(s)
caaqhil nm wise/sage man
caaqhila nf wise/sage woman
caasa nf fish ~ caasat-agaafaf,
caasat-askotta nm fishing
caashir nm 1. chance, opportunity
2. luck, fortune ~ caashirbacla,
caashir-wanna nm lucky man,
caashir-baclä, caashir-wannä nf
lucky woman
caasima nf capital
caawino nf delay
caawishe vII to cause to delay
caawite vII to delay (intr)
caaza nf back, behind ~
caazalle gaxe vII to retreat,
to come back
cabbaas nm sixth brew of coffee
cabo nf lean (meat)
cadaa nm species of shrub(s) or
small tree(s), ‘toothbrush tree’
(Salvadora persica)
cadaaga nf market
cadaare vII to recite poems
cadad nm number
cadale1 nm reproach, rebuke
cadale2 vII to reproach, to rebuke
cadar nm poem, poetry
cadareenä nf poetess
cadareena nm poet
cadarnan nm the recital of a poem,
Caddi-Khwala nf (city of)
Adi Qwala/Adi Quala
Caddi-Qayyix nm (city of)
Adi Keih/Adi Kaieh/Adi Kaih/Adi Qayeh
caddowe vII to become white
caddoyshe vII 1. to make white
2. to make clear, to specify
cadeeger nm orange (colour)
cadeela nm rainwater
cadeelaw nm barley
cadhdhi nm friend
cadle nm justice
cado vIII to be white rel to caddowe,
caddoyshe, cide1 ~ cado basal nm garlic
cadooxangal nm brain
cadur pt never
caduu nm enemy(-ies)
cafad nm happiness, joy
cafade vII to be happy
Cafar nm Afar
cafra nf name of a muslim
feast celebrated to commemorate
Abraham’s sacrifice
cafur nm type of lizard
cafuu nf excuse, forgiveness
cafuu-erhxe vIV intr to excuse,
to forgive
cafuuka nf excuse, forgiveness~
cafuuka essere vII to apologize
cafuwa nf excuse, forgiveness~
cafuwa essere vII to apologize
cafuwaaka nf excuse, forgiveness
cagab nm crime, guiltiness ~
cagab abe vII to commit a crime
cagab-bacla/cagab-wanna nm guilty,
cagara nm scab, scabies
caggamsiite vII to ruminate
caggamsiiteenä nf ruminant (female)
caggamsiiteena nm ruminant (male)
caggamta nm rumination
cagum nm canal for irrigation
cagun nm dough, paste (of flour or
meal and liquid)
caguura nm big thing, great thing
cahde nm 1. promise 2. appointment
cajab nm wonderful/marvellous/
surprising/amazing thing
cakale vII to wash oneself,
to have a wash
cakalishe vII to wash
cakalite vII to be washed
cakalso nf bathe, washing (things)
cakana nf try, test, experiment
cako nf spider
calaama nf objective, aim,
goal, end
cale nf 1. kind 2. race
calluume nf large bird(s) of prey,
‘Egyptian vulture’
calma nf monument, statue, pillar
caluwe nm escape, running
camaara nf building, edifice,
camaza nf damage, bad effect
camba nf pod(s), hull(s)
cambaale vII to stay, to wait,
to keep
camburre nf fog
camidda nm forked pole, column
camuule vII to wilt
candal nm species of caper tree(s)
(Capparis tomentosa)
candhiirhe vII to be torn,
to be lacerated
candhiirhishe vII to tear,
to lacerate
candhiirho nm laceration, tear
cange nm enemy
canqar nm uvula
cantura nm colt
canzawä/candawä nf rat, mouse (female)
canzawa/candawa nm rat, mouse (male)
caqhle nm shrewdness,
intelligence, wisdom
car! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to sheep)
cara nf place, area, space
caraamo nm roof caraamom
carab nm arabic, arabian(s)
carabiya nf barrow
caraf nm door (without door-frame)
caran nm sky
carat nm/f bed
carcarto nm border of the fireplace
care1 nm 1. house, room 2. clan,
family ~ cari-bago/cari-garba nm ceiling,
cari-buka nm roof
care2 vII 1. to grow (intr), to grow up
2. to be disgusted, to be bored
cargayna nm chameleon
carha1 nm 1. one side of the lower jaw
2. molar
carha2 nm 1. appeal, appearance, attraction
2. side, faction, team ~
1. carha-mece vIII to be pretty,
to be handsome, carh-uma vIII to be ugly,
2. carhah gaxe vII to lie down
carhaheena nf lying down,
the place to lie down
carhahintima nf lying down,
the place to lie down
carha-mece see carha2
carhamicne nf prettiness,
beauty, handsomeness
from carha2 and micne
carhbanta nf cheek
carhe vII to plait (the hair)
carhiirhoyta nf cheek
carhite vII to plait one’s hair
carhumne nf ugliness from
carha2 and umne
carke nm constant companion,
special friend
carmij nm species of plant(s)
(?Sarcostemma viminale, ?
Sarcostemma andongense)
carmo nm belt
carnan nm 1. growing
2. disgusting
caroora nf snake
carraz/carrad nm being destitute
of adequate clothing,
being poorly dressed
carraze/carrade vII to be destitute
of adequate clothing,
to be poorly dressed
carsa nf small pelt (to sit on)
carsime vII to be brought up,
to be reared
carufe nm rest rel to curfa,
curfen, macrafo, ucrufe,
uscurufe, ussucurrufe
cas! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to goats)
casa vIII to be red
casaala nf bedbug(s)
casaaxaawa nf the red sky
during the sunset

Casab nm (city of) AssaB
casbe nm employment
casbentö nf employee (female)
casbento nm employee (male)
casbishe vII to employ
cashkareyna vIII to be white
and red
cashsho nf grass, cashsho bettam
casiini nm naked person rel
to casiino, casno; ~
casiinih gaxe vII to be naked
casiino nm nakedness
casiir nm juice, syrup
caskar nm soldier(s)
casno nm nakedness
caso nf malaria
cassowe vII to become red
cassoyshe vII to make red
catab nm play, sing, dance
catabe vII to play,
to dance, to sing
catir nm chick-pea(s), pea(s)
cawat nm praise
cawate vII to praise
cawayne nm locust(s),
cawda nm threshing-floor
cawle vII to faint
cawna nf groan (of animals)
cawne vII to groan
(intr) (of animals)
cawul nm fainting fit
cay nf ebony, ‘African ebony’
(Diospyros mespiliformis)
caydarruus nm incense
cayig! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to bulls, oxes)
cayna nf kind, type
cayne nm damage, damaging,
unserviceabl/useless/corrupt thing
caynishe vII to render useless,
to make dirty, to throw into disorder
caynite vII to become useless,
to become unserviceable,
to become dirty
cazaab nm suffering, torment,
agony, pain
cazaba nf hunger
cazala nf species of shrub(s)
(Carissa edulis)
cazuuma nf invitation
ceege vII to bend down (intr),
to lean (intr)
ceela nm a well
ceenab nm grape
ceerhö nf rump, buttocks,
bottom ~ ceerhot kurkurre nf buttock
ceerho nm raw/unripe thing(s)
ceero nm type of tick(s) (insect)
ceesaala nf small pelt (to sit on)
cha! pt ‘Go away!’
(said to donkeys) var !a!
chaaqhut nm chick(s)
chiqqa nf mud
cibaada nf worship, adoration, cult
cibdaan nm madness, craziness
cibiddi nf madwoman
cibna nf bride
cibra nf wonderful/marvellous/
surprising/amazing thing
cibri nf boat
cid nm feast
cida nf debt ~ cidat-wanna
nm debtor (male)
cidalë nf debtor (female)
cidale nm debtor (male)
ciddaye vII to lend, to
borrow (money)
cide1 nm whiteness
cide2 vII to throw away
cidme nf invitation
ciidishe vII to celebrate,
to commemorate
ciido nf sheep ciidot-ilo
nf flock (of sheep)
cija nf draw, drawing of lots
cijaaje vII to invent
cijaajeena nm craftsman ,
cikishe vII to entrust smb
to smb else
cikkishite vII to lean on,
to lean against, to depend on,
to rely on
cikso nf support
cilaagih pt slowly, carefully
cilbo nf maize
cilila nm type of grass
cililishe vII to shout for joy
cililo nf shout for joy,
cilisha vIII to be heavy,
to be hard
cilla nf fur
cillo nf rust
cillowe vII to become rusty
cilme nm knowledge,
theological knowledge
cilsha nf weight, being heavy
cimna/cibna nf bride
cinde nf sand
cindha vIII to be small,
to be young ~
cindha sambat nm Saturday
cindhaaferat nf little finger from
cindha and fera
cindhaane nm 1. smallness
2. youth, childhood
cindhaatih pt slowly
cindham nm children, sons
cindhamaso nm youth, childhood
cindhamasottä f young person
cindhookä nf child (female),
cindhooka nm child (male),
cingiro nf bark (of plants)
cirfe nm levelling lever
(of the plough)
cirhe1 nm pretty/handsome person
, beauty, shape (of things and animals)
cirhe2 nm grace (mercy of God)
cise nm redness
citro nf pot(s)
citta nm buttermilk, curd
ciyyo nf work, activity
codhdhite vII to crowd, to pile up
codhdho nf crowd, pile
cofnan nm panting, breathlessness
cokar nm excrements (of animals)
cokka nf ear ~ cokka waye vII
to be deaf, cokkat-cureena nf ear lobe
cokkamalë nf deaf person (female)
cokkamale nm deaf person (male)
cooda nm Greater kudu
(Tragelaphus strepsiceros)
coofe vII to gasp, to pant
coola nf dust storm, whirlwind
coona nf ruin
cubud nm madman
cuduf nm refuse, garbage, compost
cule vII to pour
cullu nm foal(s), colt(s)
culnan nm pouring
culul nm famine, lack of food
culuum nm science
cumaama nf turban
cumbulluk nm species of plant(s)
(?Solanum campylacanthum)
cumre nm age
cumute nm throat ~
cumuti-laxuu nm diphtheria
cundugule vII to be sleepy,
to be drowsy
cunga nm doum palm(s)
(Hyphaene thebaica =
H. dankaliensis)
cunuune vII to bend down
(intr), to lean (intr)
cunwaan nm address
cure vII to bear, to endure, to resist
cur-erhxe vIV intr to be sour
curfa nf chapter
curfen nm rest
curmuse vII to hole
curtaw nm resistance, endurance
curum nf small hole(s)
cusaabe nf newness, novelty
cusuba vIII to be new
cuud nm incense
cuuka nm cargo, load ~
cuuka oobishe/ cuuka ulluse vII
to unload, to put down (a load)
cuure1 nf aloe (Aloe macrocarpa)
cuure2 nf sourness
cuurhe nf cheek