Ee – Saho to English



e vI to say
edebbe vI to give back
edee vI to go, to walk
edhdheerhe vI to be far from
eebexe vI to sell
eecete vI to step on,
to tread on, to walk,
to continue
eedece vI to be pregnant
(of animals)
eefece vI to give water to,
to water, to irrigate
eeleme vI 1. to confess,
to admit to 2. to weave
eelle vI to have, to be in
possession of, to get
eemene vI to believe,
to trust, to admit to,
to confess
eemere vI to command
, to order
eerhege vI to know,
to be familiar with,
to realize, to recognize
eerre vI to load
eexete vI to chew
eezeze vI to command,
to order
egeeceze vI to transfer
oneself, to move
egeelebe vI to ride
egeerece vI 1. to cut, to
divide, to saw 2. to cross
egerina vIII to be yellow
egerto nm yellow
eggerre vI to shelter
(from the rain) (tr)
ekette vI 1. to gather together,
to meet (intr)
2. to arrive safe and without
being lost
ekeye vI to fence in,
to enclose
ekkal nm thought, imagination,
supposition, assumption
ekke vI to be, to become,
to happen
ekkele vI to think that,
to imagine that, to suppose that
ekkolojji nm ecology
elee vI 1. to get lost
2. to be misled, to be mistaken
elleeze vI to shave oneself
emce vI to become good,
to improve
emcel nm ageing
emcelle vI to age, to become old
emeete vI to come
emege vI tr to fill
emfeere vI to breed (intr)
emlelekke vI to be mistaken,
to mistake (intr)
emmeceeceze/emmeceecede vI to stretch
emmeezene vI to weigh oneself
emmenge vI to be multiplicated
emmeseesele vI to agree (intr),
to fit (intr), to coincide, to seem
emneeberre vI to survive
emrocoocoze vI to stretch oneself
emseene vI to agree (intr),
to fit (intr), to coincide
emsemeemece vI to agree (intr),
to fit (intr), to coincide
emsheeqhele vI to be anxious,
to be worried
emweesebe vI to intermarry
(to marry people of different clans)
emzeegexe vI to quarrel
endedebbe vI to turn upside-down,
to overturn
endedeedebbe vI to roll (intr),
to tumble (intr)
endeewe vI to be medicated,
to be treated medically
endhewwe vI to approach,
to go near, to get closer
enebe vI to grow (intr),
to grow up

eneye vI to flay, to slaughter,
to butcher
engeece vI to fight
engele vI to unite (intr),
to come together
enkeexede vI to do not admit own guilt,
to do not bow to the facts
enzeewere vI to promenade,
to walk (for refreshment,
for fun, etc.), to wander about
eqheese vI to measure the lenght of sth
eqheeweme vI to oppose, to rebel
eray nm fat
erde vI to run
ereeqhebe vI to control, to supervise
erekkaso nm the day before yesterday
eremmax nm the day before yesterday
Eretriya nf Eritrea
erhedhdho1 nm preamble, introduction
erhedhdho2 num first
erheerhe vI to become long,
to become tall
erherh nm the first, beginning rel to
erhedhdho1, erhedhdho2, erherha,
erherhe, erherhishe, erherhishnan; !
erherh-tiya see the separate entry
erherha nf extremity, tip pl erhorh
erherhe vII to begin, to start
erherhishnan nm starting, beginning
erherh-tiya num first from erherh
and tiya
erhxe vI to say
Erobba nf Europe
eseemexe vI to forgive
esgeeceze vI to transfer (tr)
esgeegelle vI to mix and stir,
to mix thoroughly together
esgelle vI to mix
eshshe vI to better, to improve,
to make progress to get better
eskeere vI to rent, to hire
eskette vI to gather, to collect (tr)
esseece vI to escape
essere vII to ask, to request
esserime vII to be held responsible,
to be asked for a proof as a witness
essero nf question
esxeedere vI to arrange (tr),
to put in order, to place,
to put in a safe place
esxesse vI to indicate, to point to,
to show, to signify, to inform
eterite vII to say a slogan,
to say a motto
etero nf slogan, motto
eththeecese vI to regret
eththeehere vI to purify oneself,
to wash oneself
etteelee vI to eat, to feed (intr)
ewce vI to go out
exeesebe vI 1. to think, to consider
2. to count (in the mind)
eybeereke vI to bless
eydeewe vI to medicate
eyfeere vI to breed (tr)
eylee vI 1. to lose 2. to eliminate
eylelee vI 1. to spend 2. to spoof
3. to mislead
eylelekke vI to mislead,
to cause to err
eymeece vI to repair, to mend,
to adjust, to organize
eymeezene vI to weigh,
to balance
eymenge vI to multiply
eymexeedere vI to administer
eynebe vI to cause to grow,
o adopt (a child), to respect
eyrheerhe vI to lengthen
eyseelexe vI to reconcile,
to facilitate
eyteelee vI to nourish, to feed (tr)
eytheehere vI 1. to purify,
to sterilize, to disinfect
2. to circumcise
eyweesebe vI to marry a person
of a different clan, to interbreeded
eyweesele vI to continue
ezceera nf species of tree(s)
‘Arrow poison tree,
Poison-arrow tree’ (Acokanthera schimperi)
ezcerto m (seed/fruit)
ezeekere vI to study