Ff- Saho to English



faadib nm brave
faahim nm intelligent (male)
faahima nf intelligent (female)
faajoli nf beans
faake vII to open (tr)
faanus nm lantern, lamp
faareena nm container used
for giving milk to children
faas nm hatchet, axe
faax nf disorder, disarray
faax-erhxe vIV intr to disperse
(intr), to scatter (intr),
to separate from
faayida nf income, profit, gain,
yield, advantage var fayda; ~
faayida-hina vIII to be useless,
faayida-le vIII to be useful cf kasbe,
maksab, nafaaca
faayida-hina see faayida
faayida-le see faayida
fabrikka nf factory
fadhdhitime vII to be necessary
fahaama nf understanding
fahme nm understanding
fakara nf boast
fakkarowe vII to boast
fakkite vII to open
fakkot nm opening
faknan nm opening
fakune nf turn, turning
falo nf boast
fan nm middle, center,
fanadde between, among;
fanah to, towards, until;
fanko through ~ fanti-bacla/fanti-tiya nm
mediator (male), fanti-baclä/fanti-tiyä
nf mediator (female)
fanadde see fan
fanah see fan
fanko see fan
fanthar thar nm wriggle
fanthar thar-erhxe vIV intr
to wriggle (intr)
fanti-ferat nf ring-finger
faqhiir nm poor man
faqhiira nf poor woman
faqhra nf paragraph
faraace vII to dig, to hoe
faraaceena nm hoer (male)
faraaceenä1 nf hoer (female)
faraaco nf diging, hoeing
faraaday nm judge
faras nm horse
fare vII to send
farfare nf capsicum, red pepper, chilli
farhe vII to want, to need
farhi nf desire, wish, will, need
farhiico nm nectar
farhnan nm will, being in need
farhshiishe vII to have smb sought,
to cause to look for
farhshishshä nf interesting/important/
useful thing m farhshishsha
farhshishsha nm interesting/
important/useful thing
farhurh nm a person with a
space between teeth
farhuurho nf space between teeth
fariiqh nm team
farketta nf fork
farnello nf cooking stove
farriime vII to send
farrimto nf message
farto nf message
fartottä nf messenger (female)
fartotta nm messenger (male)
farxe nm happiness, joy, felicity
fasle nm 1. class (of school)
2. class, category
fate vII to dig
fateena nf mattock, hoe
fathri-cid nm feast for the
end of the Ramadan (Id-al-fatr)
fatnan nm diging
fattasha nf check-point
faxam nm charcoal
faxe vII to boil (intr)
faxnan nm boiling
faxso nm boiled grain
fenqac nm 1. crack 2. ravine

fera nf finger ~ ferarle manka nf fork
, ferarti-lafa nf phalange
ferma nf signature
ferranto nm ring
fersim nm hyphen(s), line(s)
fertoh pt in particular, especially
fida nm repayment, refund,
giving back, restitution, substitution
fidaane nf wideness, width,
area (mat)
fidbe nm braveness, bravery,
fidda nf silver
fidina vIII to be wide, to be large
fiim nm sweep
fiinan nm sweeping
fiirishe vII to score a line,
to split open
fiitsa nf whistle (the sound),
fijjan nm coffee cup
filcite vII to group
filco nm group; ~
filcoh-gaxe vII to group
file vII to comb
fileena nm comb
filet nm difference, division,
filite vII to comb one’s hair,
to dress one’s hair
filla nm neck
finistira nf window
fiqhre nm poverty, poorness
firaash nm mattress
firde nm judgement
fire1 nf 1. seeds of the fruits
2. descendants (of a clan)
fire2 vII to fly
fireeno nm brake
firiirixe vII to fly
firiya vIII to be fertile
firnan nm fly, flight
fiska nf whistle
fittix nm 1. untieing, liberation
2. divorce
fiyak nf 1. empty 2. naked
fiye vII to sweep ; ~
fiita-tiyä nf road-sweeper,
street-cleaner (female) fiya-tiya
nm road-sweeper,street-cleaner (male)
fiyeena nm broom
folloxa nf spring (of water),
source, fountain
folo nf bread
foorhiye vII to whistle
foorhiyo nf whistle (the sound),
hiss rel to foorhiye
fooro nm rise, upward slope!
fooroh/forolle uphill
fooroh see fooro
footha nf loin-cloth
(for male or female)
fordishe vII to store
forolle see fooro
forxatentä nf funny person,
rollicking fellow (female)
forxatenta nm funny person,
rollicking fellow (male)
forxatite vII to be a funny person,
to be a rollicking fellow
fosfores nm phosphorus
foyya nf emptiness, nothing,
zero! foyyah free of charge,
without nothing), foyyak
1. empty, without 2. naked
foyyah see foyya
foyyak see foyya
foyyayshe vII to empty
Fugo nm God cf Rabbi, Yalla
fugto nf kiss
fugute vII to kiss
furda nf store
fursa nf transhumance
(seasonal moving of the livestock)
to the highland
furtä nf rat, mouse (female)
furta nm rat, mouse (male)
furuse vII to do the transhumance
(seasonal moving of the livestock)
to the highland
fuuf-erhxe vIV intr to blow
fuul nm 1. peanuts 2. meal with beans