Hh – Saho to English



haasawa nf conversation, chat
haasawe vII to converse, to discuss
haboobal nm dust storm, whirlwind
habub nm big male baboon(s)
hadaana nm hunter
hadane1 nm hunting
hadane2 vII 1. to hunt
2. to send away
haddiige vII to send
haffa nf vapour, steam,
hal! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to camels)
haleele vII to reach and to pick up
hambereere vII to covet, to aspire
hambereero nm coveting, ambition
hamme nm shrewdness,
intelligence, wisdom
hammishe vII to reason
hammite vII to be concentrated
hanza nf kind of bread
harem nm pyramid
harra nm breath
harrishe vII to breathe
harrishnan nm respiration
harur nm 1. heat, hotness
2. thirsty
harurute vII 1. to feel hot
2. to be thirsty

hawaa nf atmosphere, air
haw-erhxe vIV intr to go
away tr haw-ishe to take away, to remove
hay! pt ‘Get moving!’
haye vII to put, to put on
hayya! pt ‘Come on!’, ‘Let’s go!’
hebela ind someone, so-and-so
heeliyo nm walking around,
roaming about, rotation
hekela ind someone, so-and-so
hel-erhxe vIV intr to walk,
to move, to wander about
hido pt or
higgida vIII to seem to be, to be like
hin! pt ‘Take it! There! Here you are!’
hina vIII to be without, not to be!
hinnim without
hinnim see hina
hirgiime vII to be attracted,
to be pulled
hirgo nf pulling, gravity, attraction
hiriige vII to pull, to drag (along)
his! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to kids)
hodom nm big or deep hole, cavity
hoori nf canoe
horora nm den, lair, burrow
horra nf type of dance,
accompanied by singing,
executed by men at a wedding
horrishe vII to execute the ‘horra’
hujuum nm attack, assalt,
raid, offensive, strike
huruf nm greedy, vulture (person)