Dd – Saho to English




daabbä nf stupid, dull (female)
daabba nm stupid, dull (male)
daacaynä nf old person or
animal (female)
daacayna nm old person or
animal (male)
daacaynino nm ageing
daaniyä nf judge (female)
daaniya nm judge (male)
daasa nf kind of traditional house
dabangare nf shade
dabbaal nm disrespectful,
dabbat nm silt
dabeela nm he-goat, male goat
dabre nm church
dabule nm 1. disrespect,
irreverence 2. rashness
daftar nm exercise-book,
dagar nm hair
dagge nf 1. fence 2. bracket
daggowe vII to become few,
to become little
dagna nf a little bit, smallness
dago vIII to be few, to be little ~
dago limo nf cheap thing
dagoori nf animal with much fur
dagor nm animal with much fur
dagudde nf container for milk
just milked
dagusatto m (seed/grain)
dagussa nm type of cereal(s),
‘Finger millet, Small millet’
(Eleusine corocana)
dagxa nf kind of porridge
dahab nm gold
dahaye vII to call
dakano nm elephant ~
dakani-iko nf ivory
dalale vII to liquefy, to melt
dalalso nf liquefying, melting
dalam nm bush
dallaala nm mediator, middle man
dallat nf umbrella
dambar nm forehead
dannux nm acne
daqhiiqha nf minute (time)
daraja nf rank, step, level,
degree, stage, grade
daranka nf ear lobe
darasa nm student(s)
darat nm boundary,
border, frontier
darib nm footprint, track
dariiro nm type of sorghum
daro nf fruit(s), seed(s)
of the fruits
darrac nm disappointment
darracishe vII to disappoint
darracite vII to be disappointed
darse nm lesson rel to darasa
darur nm cloud(s)
dat farfare/barbare see data
dat inti see data
dat ufuca see data
data vIII to be black, ditë ~
dat farfare/barbare nf black pepper
dataaxorh nm species of tree(s)
(Dovyalis abyssinica)
datala nf type of snake
dattowe vII to become black
dattoyshe vII 1. to make black
2. to calumniate, to slander
dawan nm bell
daw-erhxe vIV intr 1. to stand,
to stand up, to get up 2. to stop
debuub nm south ~
Debuub-Ameerika nf South America
Debuub-Ameerika see debuub
deebina nm species of shrub(s)
(Cadaba farinosa)
deece vII to call
deecera nf internal thigh pl deecerar m ~
deecerat-lafa nf femur
deecime vII to call, to be called
deeco nf call, calling
deedi nf cranium, skull cf amot-xanxanta,
karhkadhdhe, xanxanta
deese vII 1. to keep out,
don’t permit to enter, to stop,
to block 2. to protect
deeseena nm 1. defender
2. ring used to block the ‘mazwar’
deeso nf 1. stop, check point
2. defense
deheye vII to give back
deheynan nm giving back
Deqqemaxaare nf (city of)
derejja nf fourth brew of coffee
dessa vIII to be opaque
dessiime vII to forbid
dhaa nm stone(s)
dhaace vII 1. to beg 2. to bless
dhaacime vII to beg, to appeal
dhaaco nf blessing
dhaafi nf teff (Eragrostis tef)
dhaama nf buying
dhaame vII to buy
dhaarhe vII to intend
dhaarhite vII to have not eaten
dhaawe vII to make sound
dhaaweena nm consonant
dhaawisheena nm vowel
dhaban nm cheek
dhacam nm taste
dhacame vII to taste
dhacammucus nm nectar
dhacamto nf snack
dhaceena nm rope used
by women for tying sth on the back
dhacmiishe vII to give to taste,
to give to eat something
dhadhdhab nm proximity, vicinity,
dhagan until, till
dhage1 nf allotment (for cultivation),
farmland, kitchen-garden
dhage2 vII 1. to touch 2. to taste
dhagishe vII to give to taste,
to give to eat something
dhagnan nm touching
dhagso nf 1. Touch
2. taste, the thing that I give to taste
3. few money that I give
dhaguuma nm penis
dhala nm birth
dhale vII to bear, to give birth to
dhalishe vII to cause to give birth,
to cause to bear, to generate,
to reproduce (tr)
dhamaxe vII to become cool,
to become cold
dhambaaku nf stigma
dhame vII to be melted,
to be dissolved
dhamishe vII to melt,
to dissolve
dhamto nf sense, feeling
dhamxa nf coolness, chilliness,
dhamxina vIII to be cool, to be cold
dhamxishe vII to cool
dharh nm having not eaten
dharhaa nm leaf (leaves), leafage
dhashsha nm animal that is
sacrified at a funeral and
eaten by the people who
helped for the burial
dhasko nf butter (before boiling),
butter for hair
dhaso nm pelvis
dhaw nm sound, voice, speech ~
dhawtisanduqh nm larynx,
dhawo nm going for a day
without water (of animal stock)
dhawrhe vII to take care of,
to look after, to preserve,
to guard, to defende
dhawrheenä nf guard (female)
dhawrheena nm 1. guard,
2. headrest for men
dhawrho nf difense, guard
dhaxiine nm morning
dhaye vIII to be near, to be early
dhayenta nf approaching
dhayi nf unsatisfaction
dhayih recently
dhayih see dhaye
dhaylä nf newborn animal (female)
dhayla nm newborn animal (male) ~
dhayli-iko nm milk-tooth
dhayte vII to be unsatisfied
dhedhdhan nm 1. longness, length
2. height
dheerha vIII 1. to be long
2. to be tall

dheh pt early, soon, urgently
dherhgurat nf goitre (goiter)
dhexeena nf grainding, milling
dhiba nf fighting, war, battle,
dhibbaye vII to fight, to wage
dhibrho nm 1. catching, hold
2. volume 3. index, table of contents
dhic nm skill, ability, possibility
dhifo nm jewellery, ornaments
dhiglo nm milking
dhiice vII 1. to be able, can
2. to have enough
dhiicime vII to be possible
dhiimo nf tear
dhiine vII to sleep
dhiirhac nm rock
dhiishinna nf guarantee,
dhiite vII to choke (intr),
to be blocked up by food
(in the throat)
dhiiwa nf oath
dhiiwite vII to swear,
to take the oath
dhimmiyo nf drop
dhin nm sleep
dhintima nf couch
(the place where someone sleep on)
dhirhiye vII 1. to send
2. to set free
dhish nm guarantor
dhishe vII to establish,
to found
dhishshimnan nm establishment,
dhiyo nf choke, food blocked
(in the throat)
dhongol nm echo
dhorhcina nf hoof
dhowe vII to suck on
(the milk of the breast/udder)
dhoynä nf 1. sucker (female)
2. silly person (female)
dhoyna nm 1. sucker (male)
2. silly person (male)
dhoynan nm sucking on
(the milk of the breast/udder)
dhoyshe vII to breast-feed
dhoysheenä nf mammal (female)
dhoysheena nm mammal
dhume vII to set (of the sun),
to grow dark
dhumuse vII to darken,
to obscure
dhuune vII to smother (a fire)
dhuurhe nf ant(s) ~
dhuurhe qaca nm tse-tse fly(flies)
dibbi nm bear
dibishbish nm dimness, dimning
dibishbish-erhxe vIV intr
to be dimmed, to dim
dibne nf 1. chin 2. beard ~
dibnet-dagar nm beard
didde nm contrary, opposite
diddeh see didde
difeena nf seat, chair
difeye vII to sit down
difteeriya nm diphtheria
diga nf stick
digdiganle nm species of shrub(s)
(Otostegia integrifolia)
diggam nm second brew of coffee
digir nm play, sing, dance
digire vII to play, to dance, to sing
dihimhim nm dimness, dimming
dihimhim-erhxe vIV intr
to be dimmed, to dim
diin nm religion ~ diin-bacla/diin-wana nm
religious/spiritual person (male)
diin-baclä/diin-wannä nf religious/
spiritual person (female)
diiror nm back (part of the body)
dik nm village, place of birth,
nation, family
dikshineeri nm dictionary,
dimbi nf sweat
dimbiihe vII to perspire,
to sweat
dimiima nf light shower
dimiimishe vII to rain (light shower)
dingil nf girl, young unmarried woman
dinnish nm potato(es)
dir! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to cows)
diraasa nf learning
dirar nm supper, dinnerpl diror
diriirige vII to spin
diriirigite vII to feel dizzy
diriirigo nf rotation, dizzy
diriirigotta nm circle
dishti nm pan
ditë nf darkness
dite nm blackness
diwa nf medicine
doktor nm doctor
doola nf 1. government
2. nation
doolab nm deceit, deception
doolabe vII to deceive
doora nm drinking-trough
(place where the animals drink)
doore vII to select, to choose,
to prefer, to vote
dooro nf vote, election, choice
dor-ho nf chicken, cock, hen
dornan nm voting, electing,
dorona nf dust
dubba nf type of pumpkin(s)
dudco nf attack, assalt, raid,
offensive, strike
dudduba nm bulge,
protuberance, swelling
duddube vII to be swell,
to be bulge
dudub nm plain, flat land
duduce vII to confront,
to attack, to strike
dufla nf fight, struggle
duflal nm exercise,
problem (mat)
dufuwe vII to push
dugre nm ploughshare
duhe vII to consider,
to take in consideration,
to realize, to become aware of,
to notice
duhnan nm awarness,
duhsus nm reminding,
duhsuuse vII to remind
duka nf loam
dukka nf stool
dukkan nm shop
dulaase nf thickness,
dulusa vIII to be thick,
to be stout
duma nf rock
dumdaama nf blunting
dumdaame nf bluntness
dumdaamina vIII to be blunt,
to be not sharp
dumdam nm blunt,
not sharp thing
dummu nf cat(s)
durguma nf trachea,
durkukit nf step
durre nm disease
durruc nm threadbare
durut nm calf (calves)
duruus nm learning,
duube nm den, lair,
duudä nf fool/stupid person
duuda nm fool/stupid
person (male)