Bb – Saho to English



baab nm door (without door-frame),
baahe vII to bring, to bring forth
baakko nf box, packet
baalic nm 1. parasite 2. predator
baalijja nf suitcase
baani nf bread
baanotta nm tendon
baanto nm 1. kind of vegetal rope
2. tendon
baar nm 1. bar (pub)
2. bar (of wood or metal)
baarho nf ground, earth, country ~
baarhot-adda nf underground
baariya nf slave
baarrä nf old (female)
baarra nm old (male)
baarriino nm ageing
baarrowe vII to age,
to become old
baarud nm gun-powder
Baarunto nf (city of) Barentu
baaxa nf poverty, poorness
baaxat nf bottom, the deepest place
(of ocean or sea), ocean trench
baaxentä nf poor woman
baaxenta nm poor man
baaxite vII to become poor
baazo nf vase
bacaalage nf rude, crude person
bacal-gibre nm blacksmith
baclä nf owner (female)
bacla nm 1. husband
2. owner (male)
baclaa nm treatment, care,
baclayshe vII to treat,
to take care of, to assist
bacshaaraa nm pilgrim, trader
bad nm sea ~ badalle gerhe vII to sail,
to navigate, badti-baabur nf ship,
badaana f/badnit
badale nm change
bade vII to die (of animals and fire),
to be estinguished, to go out (of fire)
badiila nf shovel
badishe vII to switch off,
to put out/to extinguish (a fire, a lamp)
badla nf suit of clothes (for man)
badna nm corpse (of animal)
before the decomposition
badnan nm dieing (of animals)
badti-gerho nf sailing, navigation,
badti-gimam nm coast, beach,
seaside, seashore
badti-wasan nm coast, beach,
seaside, seashore
bahaayim nm animals
bahar nm hero
bahge nm happiness, joy, fun
bahti nm bringing
bakal nm kid, baby he-goat
bake vII to finish
bakhaare vII to be thirsty
bakhar nm thirsty
bakhil nm stingy person
bakhte nm 1. chance 2. luck
bakitto nf ending, finishing ~
bakitto hintiya nm infinity, infinite,
endless bakitto-male vIII
to be endless
bakitto-male see bakitto
bakkeela nm hare, rabbit
baklo nf kid(s), baby she-goat(s)
baknan nm finishing , ending
bakteeriya nf bacteria
balafon nm ceiling of planks
of wood
balasa nm prickly pear(s),
Indian fig(s) (Opuntia ficus-indica)
baldi nf bucket
baldunga nm broad bean(s)
balih pp as, like
ballö nf mother-in-law
ballo nm father-in-law
bambulla nf toy, puppet
banaajir nm bracelet(s),
banaana nm banana(s)
bandeera nf flag
banka nm bank
(deposit of money)
banthallooni nf trousers
banziin nm petrol
baqhla nf mule(s)
bar nm 1. night 2. age ~
barti-xilla nf night-blindness
barad nm ice, snow
barakä nf 1. blessing, prosperity,
felicity, benediction
2. third brew of coffee
baraka nm uninhabited place
barbare nf capsicum, red pepper,
barhä nf daughter ~
yi-barhahi-bacla nm my son-in-law
barha nm son ~ yi-barhihi-numa nf
barheerha nf thief(s), robber(s)
barheerhite vII to become a thief,
to become a robber
barhishe vII to separate, to divide
barhqaqhaco nf thunderbolt
barhsa nm difference, separation,
barid nm small rainy season (lowland)
barii nm neutral, free
barkat nm blessing, prosperity,
felicity, benediction
barkuma nf pillow
barmale nf (of) the same age,
peer group
barnaamij nm programme
barneetha nm hat
baro nf mole (of skin), dot
barolle pt near, beside
barraad nm tea kettle
barre nm 1. Countryside
2. village ~ barri-baabur nf railway train
bartabrha nf midnight
bas! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to cats)
basaaka nf sweetness
basak nm sweet thing
basak-erhxe vIV intr 1. to be sweet
2. to be handsome
basal nm onion(s)
basarö nf awkward, clumsy (female),
an incompetent housewife
basaro nm awkward
basiir nm blind man
basiira nf blind woman
baska nf honey
basö nf past basodde, basolle before,
basoh once, already, early ~
basot-iggida the year before last year
baso1 nm forehead
baso2 pt said when inviting
basodde see basö
basoh see basö
basolle see basö
bathal nm hero
batke nm carcass
baw nf invasion rel to baye, bayshe ~

baxar ya/mabaxxara eighth,
baxxaran kee taman eigthteen
baxuuro nf week
baye vII to be invaded
bayshe vII to invade
beceera nm ox (castrated or not)
beedal nm hyena
beela nm invasion, conquest
beelayshe vII to invade
beelayte vII to be invaded
beeno nf colour
beenoli nm petal
beera nm tomorrow
beetalbo nm unmarried people
beete vII to eat
beexa nm the day after tommorow
beezza/beeda nm substitution,
sacrifice (unto death) ~
beezza/beeda ekke vI to substitute,
to sacrifice oneself (unto death)
Bejja nf Beja
Beleeno nm Bilen
beri beri nm beriberi
betro nf glass
bettiishe vII to give food,
to nourish, to feed
betto nf act of eating ~
bettot-care, bettot-meela nm
bexsite vII to surprise,
to amaze
bexso nf wonderful/marvellous/
surprising/amazing thing
beye vII to take, to take away
bicishra nf business, trade
biil nm second-born
biile vII to bleed
biilo nm blood ~ biili-tishshu nf
blood tissue, biili-heeliyo nm
blood circulation, biili-dagna nf anemia ,
biili-garube nm blood coagulation,
biili-filco nm blood group
biisha nf disappearing, disappearance
bikhle nm stinginess
bikishtan nm church
bilaash nm trash
bilca nf elegance
bile vII to appear (of the new moon),
to appear (of the first day of the month)
bilitslits nm glitter, reflection (of things)
bilitslits-erhxe vIV intr to glitter,
to reflect(of things)
biliyon num billion
billikka nf ornament for
bride’s forhead
bilo nf new moon, the first
day of the month
binto nf bridge
bireen nf machine-gun
birra nm beer
birrig nm fright, scare, fear
birriige vII to be frightened,
to be scared
birriigishe vII to frighten,
to scare
birsin nm lentil(s)
birta nm iron, metal
birtaagudda nm grasshopper
bish-erhxe vIV intr to disappear,
to get lost
bishkiletta nf bicycle
bisho nm appearance, colour,
bissiraata nf announcement of
good news/glad tidings
biyaake nf wound, sore
biyaakishe vII to hurt, to wound
biyaakite vII to hurt oneself,
to wound oneself
biyashshiite vII to forget
biyashsho nf forgetfulness
biyassa nm bus station
biyatti nf dish, plate
boddina nf incisor tooth
bohsa nf laziness
bol nm precipice, (sheer)
bola nf flame
bolole vII to blaze up ~ bolola
bololishe vII to light the fire
bololnan nm combustion
boodifa nm last year
bookä nf baldness
booka nm bald person
bool num hundred ~ bool ya num
hundredth, bool sagla ninety
boorha nf flat area, plain
boosh nm glass (for drinking)
booya nf paint
boozo/boodo nf 1. hole 2. den, lair,
boronle nf bottle(s),
glass drinking-flask(s) berenle
borosho nm anchor
borsa nf bag, case
bosolo nf cartridge (of a bullet)
bothoce vII to split open
boxo nf wood
boxortomon num eighty
boyla nm raid
bub nf shell(s)
budhdhe nm penis
buhto nm brown
buhus nm lazy person
bukalle see buka
bukkuse vII to take by force,
to uproot, to pull out,
to eradicate, to extirpate,
to extract
bukkusnan nm taking by force,
uprooting, pulling out, eradicating,
extirpating, extracting
bullaace nf dust
buluus nm policeman (-men)
bumba nf pump, tap
bunnaahe nf spinach
buqhle nf sprout(s)
burgudda nm young man
burkutta nf kind of bread
burtukhaan nm orange (fruit)
buruuruse vII to winnow
bus nm vagina
busa pt only
bustha nf envelope, post, mail ~
busthat-care nm post office
butur nm piece(s), fragment(s)
buudeena nm container for milk
buufe nf stove for baking bread
buuhute vII to become brown
buule vII to germinate
buulnan nm germination
buun nm coffee
buundhaa nm pestle for
the ‘madagdag’
buure nf soil
buxta nf possession, ownership,