Gg – Saho to English


gaab yoh isho! see gaab-erhxe
gaabbaa nf type of snake
gaab-erhxe vIV intr to delay (intr),
to wait, to stay tr gaab-ishe
to delay (tr), ~ gaab yoh isho!
pt thanks, thank you
gaabo nf type of pumpkin(s)/gourd(s)
gaafä nf 1. gap in teeth where
a tooth is missing 2. splinter
gaafa nm 1. toothless person (male)
2. splintering
gaafayti nf toothless person (female)
gaala nm camel(s)
gaalayarhiggil nm dragonfly
gaaz nm gas
gaba nf 1. hand 2. arm pl gabub ~
gaba oxoye vI 1. to surrender (intr)
2. to clasp the hand
gabalace vII to do fast, to hurry
(in a manual labour)
gabalacishe vII to warm one’
hands (in front of a fire)
gaballacna nf hurry (in the manual
labour) from gaba and lacna
gaban nm crime
gabbaace vII to repeat
gabbabbaace vII to be frequent
gabbabbaaceh see gabbabbaace
gabbabbac nm fequency
gabbac nm repetition, revision
gabbar nm 1. peasant(s)
2. a married person who has the right
to receive a parcel of land for
cultivating it
gabbuurhala nf type of lizard
gabo nm direction, towards!
gabolle towards
gabolle see gabo
gabto nm Dorcas gazelle
(Gazella dorcas)
gacaz nm transfer, removal,
moving, journey
gadana nm courtyard, farmyard
gadda nm wealth, richness
gaddaalë nf rich woman
gaddaale nm rich man
gaddaalite vII to become rich
gade nm wadi
gadigimam nm river-bank
gafafa nm gathering, picking up
gafan nm levee
gahre nf unawareness, surprise
gahrite vII to be unaware
galac nm species of shrub(s)
‘Apple of Sodom, Dead Sea
fruit, Dead Sea apple’
(Calotropis procera)
galadda nm wooden plate
for the ‘dagxa’
galba nf cave
gale1 nm inferiority, low place,
inferior part, underneath
gale2 nm wing pl galil m ~
gali-dagar nm feather
gale3 nm womb, lap
gallaaba nf lorry, truck
gallacishe vII to make feel cold
gallacite vII to feel cold
gallaco nf coldness (climate)
galle nm 1. rest, the others
2. companions, colleagues
galooda nf knife
gamad nm lid
gamal nf pole, beam,
support (for the ‘naxsa’)
gamaro nf species of acacia(s)
(Acacia orfota = Acacia nubica)
game vII to descend, to slope down
gamid nm piece(s) of cloth
gamnan nm overturning
gamo nm unawareness, surprise!
gamooko suddenly
gamooko see gamo
ganga nf twins
ganna nf cold season in the
gantah pt also, even
gar nm blood money (money paid
in compensation to the family
of someone who has been killed
garaa nm meeting
garab nm forest
garace vII to steal, to rob
garaye1 nm communication,
garaye2 vII to meet (in the way),
to meet (for discussion)
garbä nf belly, stomach
garba nm 1. surface 2. page
garca nf steal
garceenä nf thief (female)
garceena nm thief (male)
gargeere vII to save, to rescue,
to aid
gargeereenä nf saviour/savior,
helper (female)
gargeereena nm saviour/savior,
helper (male)
garger nm salvation, aid, rescue
garo ind some, part
garsa nm species of shrub(s)
(Dobera glabra)
garube nm curd
garuuzinna nf slavery
garuz nm slave(s)
gashsha nf horn
gawwux nm jackal(s)
gaxe vII 1. to return to, to turn (intr)
2. to get into a place, to enter
gaxnan nm turning, coming back,
gaxoyta nm turn, turning
gaxtoytä nf inferior/subordinate
person (female)
gaxtoyta nm inferior/subordinate
person (male)
gaybe nm jar
gaza nm face
gazagazah pt in particular,
gazzaara nm butcher
gedda pt when, if
gedeefo nm murder, assassination,
gedeme vII to be sterile
gedmë nf sterile woman
gedme nm sterile man
geerä nf tail
geera nm loin
geeso nf species of shrub(s) or
small tree(s), buckthorn
(Rhamnus prinoides,
R. staddo)
ger nm low place, inferior part,
gereeco nm cutting
gerena nm species of fig tree(s)
(Ficus thonningii)
gerha nm stranger(s), guest(s)
gerhe vII to walk, to travel
gerho nf walk, excursion, journey, trip
gerwaana nf box, big tin, big can
geye vII 1. to find, to get
2. to obtain, to retrieve
3. to discover 4. to face
geyinnan see geye

geytimnan nm communication
geyto ! geyinnan every, all
geyto nf 1. finding, discovery
2. richness 3. table of contents,
index, content
gibre nm bill, tax, rate
gica nf fighting, violence, roughness
giczim nm sausage
gidaacish nm chickenpox
gidac nm dung, soft manure
gidcat nm problem, trouble
rel to gidcatishe, gidcatite
gidcatite vII to be in trouble,
to have problems
gide nf due, one’s due ~
gidet-xaznan nm slice, portion
gidfan nm murdering, killing
gidfo nm murder, assassination,
gidgido nf partition wall
(of traditional houses)
gidlo nm breaking
giifo nf gradient, uphill
giije nf death
giilal nm harvest’s season
giirise vII to swim
gile nm thumb, toe
gili nm gill
gilite vII to scatter (intr),
to escape
gilix nm fear, cowardice,
cowardliness ~ gilix-le vIII to
be coward, to be frightened
gilixe vII to become very frightened
gilix-le see gilix
gilxishe vII to make frightened
gimam nm 1. shore 2. edge
gimbot nf May
gina nm colour, appearance
Gindac nm (city of) Ghinda
gine vII to build, to make, to produce
gira nf fire
girco nm cutting
gis! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to dogs)
giz-at nm colony, colonialism
goble nf type of snake
godobo nm foreigner(s), tourist(s)
gol! pt ‘Go away!’ (said to rams)
golö nf gorge
golo nm curtain
gombö nf tuft (of hair), tuft
gombo nm boy
gombod nm ashes
gomma nf 1. tire/tyre(s)
2. plastic, rubber
gommoyishnan nm fertilization
gommoyshe vII to fertilize
gomod nm kind of stick
gomoo nm excrement (of animal),
fertilizer, manure
gomorh nm 1. stump
2. bottom, extremity
gonfoyshe vII to wound
by crushing the foot
gonfoyte vII to be wounded
by crushing the foot
gonna nm 1. den, lair, burrow
2. blind person
goobay nf tortoise
goobe nm shield
goomadhdhe nf 1. storm,
tempest 2. wave
goorare nf pharynx
goorishe vII to accompany
gooriya nf ostrich(es)
gooxo nf women’s room in
the ‘naxsa’, fireplace in the
women’s room
gor nm escort, companion
gorax nm shrewd person
goron nm searching, seeking,
looking for
goronishe vII to look for,
to search
gorxe nm shrewdness
goshshe nm thinning
out (seedlings)
goson nm cold (illness)
gozomo nf machete, adze
guba nm bottom, low place,
inferior part, underneath
gubal-erhxe vIV intr to
descend, to go down
gubnä nf widow
gubna nm widower
gubul nm lung(s)
gucur nm chock(s), wedge(s)
(of stone)
gudac nm joke
guddä nf 1. hump, hunch
2. plateau
gudda nm hunchbacked (male)
guddayti nf hunchbacked (female)
guddus nm completion of a task
consignment, delivery
gudduuse vII to complete a
task, to reach, to arrive at destination, to deliver
gufaa nm young unmarried man
gufe vII 1. to arrive, to reach
2. to visit 3. to mature
gufnan nm 1. arrival 2. visit
3. maturity
guftaane nf visit (after the funeral)
gullushsha nf support for pot
gulub nm knee pl guluuba ~
gulubuh-gaxe vII to kneel
gululluube vII to kneel
gumaare nm hippopotamus(es)
gumfuuse vII to wound by
crushing the foot
gumfuute vII to be wounded
by crushing the foot
gummaade nf fist
gumnä nf widow
gumna nm widower
gunde nm log, trunk
(of tree), stem
gurä nf left hand
gura1 nm left (side)
gura2 nm left-handed (male)
gurayti nf left-handed (female)
gure vII to want, to need
gurguma nf trachea
gurnan nm will, being in need
gurungurit nm goitre/goiter
guula nf hessian blanket
used by women
guuma nf type of large bird(s)
of prey (?Gyps rüppellii)
guz guz nm protection for
the shoulder when something
is carring
guzze nm fraction, part,
portion (of meat)