Aa – Saho to English



aawaqhte what time? when?
aaginah in what manner? how?
aadac pregnancy (of animals)
aafa respiration rel to oofowe ~
aafaati-nizaam respiratory system
aagedda see aa
aaginah see aa
aakam arriving first, arriving
before, preceding, doing before
aalih with
aariyotta kicking
aawaqhte see aa
abaare to curse
abaaro curse
abadan never
abakbak humus
abar defect, flaw,
imperfection, fault
abax decay,rot, dirt,
abaxe to go rotten, to go bad,
to become dirty
abayshe to finish, to complete
abayshima end, completion, the
last, the final rel to abayshe !
abayshimolle eventually ~ abayshima
hintiya infinity, infinite, endless
abayshima-male see abayshima
abayshimolle see abayshima
abayshinan finishing, closing

abba 1. father 2. chief, leader ~
abbaagubbax snail
abbamalë orphan (fatherless)
abbamale orphan (fatherless)
abburh pledge, pawn
abcake 1. fenugreek (plant and seed)
2. beverage made with grained seeds
of fenugreek
abe to make, to do, to perform
abeesa type of grass
abiino mother’s family
abina the doing, making, act, action,
abi-numa maternal aunt
(the wife of mother’s brother)
from abo and numa
abite to make, to do sth
for one’s own benefit
abitto 1. act, action, reaction,
deed 2. verb (gram) ~ abittodde
ashishe to invest, to exploit,
to capitalize
abnan the doing, making, act,
action, reaction
abo grandfather, maternal uncle,
mother’s brother ~
abi-numa aunt (uncle’s wife)
aboocashara rifle
aboyya grandmother
abqal germination
abrha half
abriiqh jug, pitcher
abur stable, cowshed
abuusumä niece, granddaughter
abuusuma nephew, grandson
acaash nutrition
acakkan trying
acan frog
acdar discouragment,
achchanin nm deaf person
adabe politeness ~
adabe abite to be polite,
adabe-le to be calm/quiet/polite,
adabe-male to be rude/impolite rude
adabe-le see adabe
adabe-male see adabe
adda interior, depth
addaako see adda
addacasa palm of the hand,
sole of the foot
adde1 elder sister
adde2 in, among, on
addeele pt in particular,
addosa 1. addition
2. adjective (gram)
adducta handle
adhdhic sprain, strain
adhdhiice to strain a muscle
adox num three ~ adooxan
kee taman num thirteen
adra type of greens
adraashsha address
adugra type of bean(s)
af nm mouth ~ afti-bacla
mediator for a marriage (male)
afa nf opening, doorway
afanfan repellent
afar four ~ affara nukurle
rectangle, right-angled
affaran kee taman fourteen
afayit desert
afcaado heart
Afcabet (city of) Afabet
afi hurry, urgency, speed
afite to hurry (intr)
afkan turning
Afriqqa Africa
afti-tiya num first from
af and tiya
agaafaf nm gathering,
picking up
agaaga 1.level, equivalent,
equal (in measurement)
2. near, beside
agaagishe 1. to level,
to balance 2. to put in order
agaagite vII to be the same,
to be equal, to be levelled
agada wrist
agana upper part,
superior part,
aganalle on, upon, over
aganalle see agana
agiirinna cleverness,
heroism, bravery
agiirishe to encourage,
to motivate
agiirite to be clever/
agirö clever person
(female), brave, heroine
agiro nm clever person
(male), brave, hero
agle 1. mixture (of things,
people or animals), union
2. conference,
agoogishe to cover
agrab 1. freezing, congealment
2. coagulation
ahe int what?
ahle relative(s)
ajnabi foreigner(s),
stranger(s), tourist(s)
ak pp to, from [a, da]
akah pp with, by, to
akankan shiver, shudder
akat rope(s), string(s)
akaxdad squatting,
akaxkax knocking
akettö another one,
the other one (female)
aketto another one,
the other one (male)
aki ind other, another
akiya nkidney
akkanih immediately
akkinnan see ekke
akkinnan whatever,
anyone, some, each;
akkinnanikkelle everywhere
~ yakko kibah even though,
akkinnanikkelle see ekke
akko from
akmal completing,
akoobar 1. cold wind
2. sandstorm
akottä meeting,
akotta set (mat)
akuula elsewhere
ala goats~ alat-ilo nf
flock (of goats)
alaa ripeness.
alaaki species of shrub(s)
alaama weaver
alammats painting (walls)
alaqhlaqh painting (walls)
alaye to become ripe,
to become cooked
alayshe to cook, to ripen,
to mature
alca species of plant(s)
(Cissus rotundifolia)
ale to roast, to toast
aleele to reach and to pick up
aleminiyum aluminium
alfeena lid
alfenta closing
alfum closing
alife to close, to cover
alifnan closing
alle1 int where?
alle2 pp to, at
alluula wild animal(s),
alo roasted grain
alsä nf moonlight
alsa 1. moon 2. month
amaa dem this, that amaagabo
therefore, meanwhile,
in the meantime, amaaginah
1. like that, as such
2. without , free (without payment,
without time, amalle there,
amaybalih like that, also,
at same timecharge),
amaawaqhte then,
at that amaydo so, though,
amaagabolle see amaa
amaagedda see amaa
amaaginah see amaa
amaan peace
amaana entrusting
amaawaqhte amaa
amal habit
amallanik immediately
amalle see amaa
amarrash marching,
amashshath combing,
dressing one’s hair
amaybalih see amaa
amaydo see amaa
ambattan dispersion
ambuuzute to become
ambuz grey
amebba amoeba
Ameerika America
amfaa sifting
amfaara reproduction,
amfaddag expansion
amfalaala difference,
division, separation
amlalakka mistaking,
ammaa warmness,
ammaakam rivalry, race
ammaazan weighing
ammacaacaz stretching
ammakaakam rivalry,
ammangad resemblance,
similarity, likness
ammaxadaari administrator
ammaye to become warm
ammayshe to warm
amnatsaatsag repelling
amo 1. head 2. chief
3. top ~ amot-xanxanta
nf skull, cranium
amolle see amo
amoorikab cold (illness)
amoorikabite to catch a cold
amraacad wriggling,
gesticulating, toss
amrar solution, digestion
amre order, command,
imperative (gram)
amsaana agreement
amuula the place that is
there, there, therein !
amuulalle towards
amuulalle see amuula

amwaaras inheritance,
amwaasab interbreeding,
amxabbash going in prison
Amxara Amhara
(people and language)
~ amxari-cuure nf agave, sisal
(Agave sisalana)
anada nf skin
ananaas pineapple
anda when?
andam remorse, regret,
andhadhdhowe to
become green
andharha v to be green
andhax noise, voice
andhaxe to make noise
andodobba turning
upside-down, overturning
andodoodobba rolling,
aneemiya anemia
angu breast
angud thunder
aniina being, life, existence,
anna aunt (father’s or mother’s sister)
pl annun m; ~ annat-bacla nm uncle
(aunt’s husband)
anqarrab readiness
anrab tongue
anrabaalë great talker, talkative,
chatterbox, chatty (female)
anrabaale great talker, talkative,
chatterbox, chatty (male)
ansoola sheet
antsag repelling, refusing,
antsaqh splash
anu pr I
aqcazit skilled, skilful
aqhaas measuring the
lenght of sth
aqhliim region, zone
aqhsas repetition (in teaching)
Aqhurdat (city of) Agordat/Agordet
araadishe vII to groan, to moan
araado groan, moan
arac gravel
arace to crush the fingers
aracnan crushing the fingers
arar painrel to ararishe,
ararishe to cause to pain,
to cause to suffer
ararite v to pain, to suffer
arax path, way pl arux m ~
arax magraco fcrossroads,
arax muyfulu crossroads, junction
araz species of tree(s)
(Osyris quadripartita = O. abyssinica)
arco tramp
arcot yoke
arda run, running
arde ground, country, nation
are v to bite
arene snail
argud species of tree(s)
(Maytenus senegalensis)
argufta type of lizard
arhabbash sticking,
arharhe to shiver,
to shudder, to judder
arharho nf shiver, shudder
arhcarhe vII to moo, to bleat
(of goats and sheep)
arhcarhö nf rope used by
women for tying sth on
the back
arhcarho nm moo
arhiifo nf pancreas
arhin nm gland(s)
arhuurhe vII to become wet
arooda nm landslide, landslip
arranshi nm orange fruit (s)
arranshooni nm orange (colour)
arriime vII to be bitten
arrite vII to be bitten
arro nf bite (of animals)
arteri nf artery
arufe nm sewing
arum nm bite, biting
arure nf 1. summary
2. sedimentation
aruuce1 vIII to be wet
aruuce2 vII to become
aruucuse vII to wet
arxibe vII to receive hospitality,
to be invitated
arxibishe vII to give hospitality,
to invitate, to receive (tr)
arxibisheenä nf hostess
arxibisheena nm host
arxibishnan nm giving hospitality,
inviting, receiving
as-al nm drawing, painting
asal nm laugh, laughing
asalxan nm smoothing
asammar nm nailing
asbidaale nm hospital
ascalash nm making heavy
ascallam nm training, teaching
ascandhaa nm making small
ase vII to spend the day,
to pass the day
asgaacaz nm transferring
asgolla nm mixing
asgoogolla nm mixing and stiring,
mixing together
ashaffat nm rebel
ashshenta nm improving,
improvement, progress
ashshiine vII to envy,
to be jealous
ashshiineenä nf envier,
envious/jealous person(female)
ashshiineena nm envier,
envious/jealous person (male)
ashshin nm envy, jealousy
ashshoomiya nf defamation,
askaala nf stairs, ladder
askabar nm increasing the price
askamal nm completing,
askaren nm skeleton
askok nm dirt, dirtiness ~
askok kale vII to circumcise
(of male)
askokkowe vII to become dirty
askokkoyshe vII to make dirty,
to stain
askoola nf school
askotta nf gathering
asle nm origin, race
(division of humankind)
asli nm original, special
Asmara nf (city of) Asmara
asporti nf exercise of the body,
asqara n teaching
asqath nm pressing, pushing
asqayyar nm changing,
assaxattat nm wonder,
astaat nm approximation,
astantan nm memory,
asuuso nf warning
asxaadar nm putting in order,
arranging, arrangment
asxabar nm completing,
asxabbar nm informing,
indicating, information, indication
asxayta nf dew, frost
ataame nf species of shrub(s) or
small tree(s) (Rhus natalensis,
R. retinorrhoea )
atharcash nm pressure
atin pr (subject) you
attobuus nf bus
atu pr (subject) you
awaaj nm proclamation,
awalwal nm polishing
awde nm house’s door
(for women)
awkä nf child (female), girl
awka nm child (male), boy
awla int where?
awlih int which?
awtista nm driver
awur nm bull, animal for
awwaaxa nf insect(s), worm(s) ~
awwaaxat-summe nm insecticide
awwal nm the former, the previous,
the first! awwalah just (before)
awwalah see awwal
axaddad nm estimating, measuring
axallaf nm measurement in cubits
axankash nf limping
axbash nm putting in prison
axfas nm 1. scooping up
(with a scoop or by hand)
2. heavy (food or beverage),
axmad nm praise
axmag nm bleeding,
axqaqh nm dissolving,
solution, digestion
axraqh nm 1. rage
2. sinking
axtam nm 1. printing
2. closing, closing up,
pluging, blocking
ay1 dem this, that
ay2 int what? ayim,
aymi why? aymih,
aymihi why, how?
aybaddal nm exchanging,
aybarkat nm economizing,
saving money
aycä nf new-born (female),
ayca nm new-born (male),
aydaras nm teaching
ayeh see ay2
ayidhdha int how much?
how many? from ay and
idhdha; ! ayidhdhah what?
(asking the time)
ayidhdhah see ayidhdha
ayim see ay2
aykee pt until, till, up to
aylolowa nm 1. confusion
2. spoof
ayma nf scraps, left-overs
aymanga nm multiplicating,
multiplication, duplication
aymangada nf acting (drama),
performance, imitation
aymarar nm dissolving ~
aymararti-karima nf digestive organ
aymarax nm guiding, leading
aymasaasal nm similarity, likeness,
aymi see ay2
aymih see ay2
aymociya nf repairing, reparation,
aynaqhas nm subtraction,
ayoodin nm iodine
ayrac nm light shower
ayrace vII to rain (light shower)
ayrhabbash nm 1. causing to stick,
causing to join 2. causing to squat,
causing to crouch
ayro nf sun ~ ayrot nizaam
solar system ~ ayrot-dhuma nf
1. west 2. sunset
ayti nf ear ~ ayti waye vII to be deaf,
aytit-wayto nf deafness
aytimalë nf deaf (female)
aytimale nm deaf (male)
ayya nm elder brother
ayyer nm air ~
ayyer-atharcash nm air pressure,
ayyer-xaalaat nm weather
ayzawwar nm driving
azaan nm muezzin’s call to prayer
azar nm heredity\
azgalab nm hare, rabbit
azhar nm appearing, being visible,
being cleared up, becoming clear
azzo nf young cow(s)