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Posting Guidelines on article submission to


  1. Your article must not contain: adult material, hate or violence-oriented material. Further it must not suggest religious or racial intolerance or advocate against any individual or group.
  2. The main body text of your article must be at least 350 words in length and not more than 1000 words. Articles that are well written and relevant will be chosen over articles that are poorly written, terribly short, and terribly long.
  3. Your article must be informative and not contain blatant marketing or promotional material, press releases and advertisements, such as these will not be accepted.
  4.  Your must include your email address so readers can give you feedback.
  5. We will choose a heading for the article and we will conduct minor edits, but no re-writes.
  6. We aim to publish articles as soon as they are ready to be published.
  7. The preferred format for articles is a word document (NOT pdf), no colouring and tabs, please.
  8. We prefer you don’t embed pictures, graphs, etc in the articles. We prefer you send that in a separate file.
  9. Articles that do not meet the above criteria will not be published.
  10. The website reserves the right to reject any article based either on its content or style/format.
  11. Send all your articles to



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(Last reviewed: December 2011)