Saho Clans (Kinship Groups)


2- ASAWURTA and it clans comprise;

A) Asa Lesan and it consists of: Hassan Dik, Hussain Dik, Malasa Dik, Hummad Durwa, Ahmaddin Dik, Gaddali Dik.

B), Lelish Are and it consists of: Abdalla Dik, Omar Dik, Eishe Dik, Diot Abusa.

C)Fokroti Are*, Asa Kare*, Faqih Dik*, Sarma Are*, Uruske Dabbasit Abusa*.

D) Beit Tawakkal, Beit Khalifa, Adefer & Beit Danya, Beit Suleiman, Logo Chewa  & Inda Asmail of 4te Asmera, Zingar of Dorfo.


4-DABRI MELA and it consists of; Alades Are, Labhalet Are.




8HADO(aka HAZO)  and it comprises the following clans:

A) Asa Alila and consist of: Asa Ali Gaisha, Hammadi Gaisha, Asa Alila, Musabaggo, Bokite, Mahammad Kayya, Higoga, Omarto, Konsubifire, Amo-buri Gaisha, Danderi Hazoita.

B) LAASA and it consists of :Ona Dawud Gaisha, Ona Abdalla Gaisha, Ona Ismaeel Gaisha, Ona Omar Gaisha, Ona Ahmaddin Gaisha, Ona Ali Gaisha, Sheikha Abusso, Ab Dawuud Gaisha, Shum Omarto, Asa Lak Hena, Toujoumona, Shum Ahmaddo, Shum Hasanto, Ona Mahammad Dik, Bokite shum Bukoh dik, Maar dik, Asa Ibrahim Dik, Asa Abdalla dik, Semaye and Surrugso.

C) Shum Hummad Dik and it consist of : Sheikh Adamto, Dawud gafo dik, Talak, Maadar dik, Asa Alila (Barah).

9HASABAT ARE,  and it consists of;Hamad Are; Aleit Are; Mieenqut Are and Sandaqa Are.


11-IROB and it consists of; Algadi  Are, Buknaitee Are , Hasaballa

12KABOTA  and it consists of; Gorbey, Tabita, Hataba, Shekhait, Zakarit, Alirga

13-MINIFRE and it consists of the following  tribes;

A) GAASO and it is made up of the following clans: Shum Abdallah Gaisha, Yofish Gaisha, Shum Ahmad Gaisha, Hassan Gaisha, Silyan Gaisha, Asa Ushmaal, Oni Maal.

B) DAASAMO is made up of the following clans: Abdallah Harak, Naefie Harak, Mosat Harak, Subakum Are, Daili Are, Kundes, Illas.

C) SILAITA  and it comprises: Hakatti Are, Qum Mee Are, Zeila Are, Hilato, Abbarior, Abdhiicaa

D)FAKAD HARAK (aka FAKIH HARAK) and it comprises: Faqih Abubakar, Faqih Omar, Faqih Ahmad 


15SHEIKHA (These are families and tribes that crossed the Red Sea to spread Islam in Eritrea at different times. Hence, do not trace their linage to a common ancestor).

A)Intile Sheikh Are B) Sheikh Salim Are including Bet Sheikh Mahmoud and Ad Dirke in Sahel C) Danagulta  D) Hajji Abkur  E) Iror Naba F) Sheikh Dimbagog G) Sheikh Lahlaha H) Akhadar Abusa I)Muallim Dik J) Hajji Hedor

16TARU3A and it consists of; Sara7 Are, Mosat Are.


18SALMUNTA and it consists of; A’sa Salmunta and Dat Salmunta

19SANAFE (SAN3FE) and it consists of; Sheikh Umori and Uwaal Dik, Hassan Silah Dik,Umar Gorx Dik,Sancaffe Mahmoud Dik.

20-Samhar is home to a number of Saho clans and families that branched out from the main tribes that are listed above. Some of those we can trace are;

Qadida, Chewai Dik, Barole Dik, Sabbe Dik, Harak Dik, Haggi Wad Hamid Are, Shenghebai Dik, Sangor Dik, Khalifa Are, Adulai Are, Minni Are, Shehabi Are, Habona Are, Amir Dik, Zakaria Dik, Shemo Are, Tsewai Are, Hasino Are, Talke Are, Shikan Are, Sadiko Are, Edim Bagi Are, Sheik Humad Arkale Are, Sheikh Yassin Are, Ansara Are, Debrom Are, Falul Are, Dini Are, Gubbala Are, Yusuf Are, Unda Ali Are, Haggi Abdu Are, Khalifa Ahmad Are, Nabara Dik, Ali Babu Dik, Gadam Dik.

*We need further details regarding clans that make up these clans. Please do your bit to help us fill the missing info.

NOTE: Although we made our level best to be accurate and include all tribes of Saho, due to lack of written sources, we cannot be sure of having includes all Saho tribes or clans. Therefore, if you think we have missed, misspelled your clan or any other tribe or clan please take the initiative to correct us.  Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who tried to communicate with us to correct or add information to the previous edition of Saho tribes.