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  1. السلام عليكم أذا ممكن أنا حابه أتحدث عن الساهو الموجودين في اليمن والأكثر منهم هم الاجئين ان شاءالله تفاعلكم…..^___^

  2. Sahoyit sahoyitalhi kakoyiti kakoyitali yanhi, tai web dabani ebilegul baski yohiyek Alahi/ fugi Gada sinhi yahyoyi/ Yohi ayamisisoy!!!!!

  3. Mashallah, I am so happy. FINALLY we got our own website. keep up the good work guys.

    um Sumayah

  4. Congratulation to the people of saho on the window of dialouge which has been opend for you through the dedication and hard work of your children. May Allah give them strength and good health. This is indeed a wonderful opportunity to look in to the rich culture of the saho people which has been ignored and left behinde to be one of many civilisations of the region. However, through sheer determination and idicitive strength with wihich the saho people are renowned works such is this keep emerging to give the sleeping giant a push to enrich and ispire the people of saho and those who know the value of a civilisation.

    i would like to take this oppotunity to thank the scholarly contribution of baboqoo for his objective look at the saho culture and history. I would also like him to think of setting up a discusion group on this web site to explore futher and share the knowledge which has been hiden from us all.

    thank you all for providing me this forum



  5. Gaab nohisho yisacollo. mece waaniikee mudumlitin, inshallah yamite waqtedde ayshik tayshoona sinah attiminiye. isillima.imxiffiza.maxiyo


  6. This is a great website that informs the people about their culture ,hertiage and the history of their people. This is also is
    a good insight and teaches the new geneartion of children that where not brought up in their home land about their individual tribe and the land from which they came from. I think people would also appreciate if you could make a page for people to learn saho and the saho alphabet.


  7. My name Omer or (omer Taroa ),
    Hii to Our All saho ,
    I love you all SAHO, Thank you very mush ,i am very happy about this ,,
    when i see allsaho ,this is our first step,
    we will help you for all ,

    so,evry one happy to see and listen Saho music, but isnot all songs Pls try to make all Music with all old musics ,

    befor, Saho wasnot more out of Eritrea,but now will be more ,i hope to know more each other and help each other ,,,

    All saho
    Qatar ,


  8. Submitted on 2011/12/19 at 6:04 pm
    نشكر الاخوة فى الموقع ما بذلوه من المجهودات الجبا ر دوما انتم محل عز
    تنقسم قبيلة سلمنتا الى قسمين رئيسين
    1/ عـا سلمنتا
    2/ دا سـمنتا
    اخوكم/ محمد على


  9. Well done guys, am so happy to see this website up and running. We can now sign post our children to learn about their origin and history.
    Keep it up and Ajokhum!


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