About Us

allSaho is the first and the most comprehensive website about Saho created and launched by Saho themselves. The site is managed by Saho Trust and aspires to:

• Document and preserve Saho history, culture, and heritage.

• Aid that accurate information on the Saho history, culture and heritage is conveyed to general public, researchers, and academic institutions.

• create a platform for self education of Saho culture and history.

•  empower Saho community through information and cultural awareness.

 This site is a platform through which ideas and information relevant to Saho can be exchanged. Hence,  contributions, comments, and suggestions that are aimed for making the site richer in content, information, and style are most welcomed.

allsaho was founded in February 2005 in London by:-

Ahmeddin Osman Jasir, Ibrahim Ahmad Alhaj and Jamal Ibrahim Almualem